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Chart Central (Philippines): Channel V PH: Bente-Uno Chart [2011.1.18]

Chart Central (Philippines): Channel V PH: Bente-Uno Chart [2011.1.18]: "to"

Mel Gibson - the comeback

The controversial filmmaker turns 55 today. 2011 will be an important year for the Oscar winner. After a high profile divorce and numerous run-ins with the law, the actor is hoping for a comeback with “The Beaver,” directed by Jodie Foster. Time will tell if audiences want him back on the big screen.

Less than a year ago, Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva gave birth to Lucia, the eighth child for then 53-year-old actor Mel Gibson. That celebration, however, seems to have been short-lived. The couple broke up in spring, 2010.

Mel Gibson at a photo call for his film "The Edge of Darkness" in Paris on Thursday, messed up royally when he called a reporter an "a--hole" on air after the interviewer questioned him about his drunk driving arrest four years ago.

Mel Gibson jogging with a beaver puppet on his hand, for a movie. Mel Gibson fills up his Lexus. Could this be the same Lexus he was pulled over in when he was charged with a DUI in July of 2006?

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Reposted: Billboard Charts

This is a second hand post I think worthy to repost. Thanks to oliversiblerxn

Billboard Hot 100 TOP 10
1. Hold It Against Me - Britney Spears
2. Grenade - Bruno Mars
3. Firework- Katy Perry
4. What's my Name- Rihanna feat. Drake
5. Black and Yellow - Whiz Khalifa
6. Tonight (I'm Loving You) - Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris & DJ Frank E
7. We R Who We R - Kesha
8. Raise Your Glass - Pink
9. The Time (Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas
10. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

European Chart TOP 10
1. Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna
2. Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce
3. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
4. The Time (Dirty Bit) - Black Eyed Peas
5. Heroes - X Factor Finalists 2010
6. DJ Got Us Fallin In Love - Usher feat. Pitbull
7. Mignon Mignon - Rene La Taupe
8. Love The Way You Lie - Eminem feat. Rihanna
9. The Flood - Take That
10. Over The Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo 'Ole

UK Chart TOP 10
1. Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna
2. The Flood - Take That
3. Firework- Katy Perry
4. Shine a Light - McFly feat. Taio Cruz
5. Happiness - Alexis Jordan
6. Cooler Than Mine - Mike Posner
7. Promise This - Cheryl Cole
8. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
9. Make You Feel My Love - Adele
10. Forget You - Cee-Lo Green

Radio Charts Top 10
1. What's my Name- Rihanna feat. Drake
2. Firework- Katy Perry
3. Grenade - Bruno Mars
4. Only Girl (In The World) - Rihanna
5. We R Who We R - Kesha
6. Raise Your Glass - Pink
7. Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars
8. Tonight (I'm Loving You) - Enrique Iglesias feat. Ludacris & DJ Frank E
9. DJ Got Us Fallin In Love - Usher feat. Pitbull
10. Yeah 3X - Chris Brown

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First Blog Ever

I'm new in the blogosphere and I wanted to thank a few  inspirations.. I've been reading their blogs anonimously but now, I'm eading them bearing my name.

forg files aka jecoup - I really like the postings esp. the charts and the predix.. thanks for the continuous significant trivia, insights, and info. I hope you'll follow me soon and our blogs be connected..

oliversiblerxn - i think this blog is really new but the contents are really promising.. I educate myself in loving music charts by just visiting this site. The essential music lists are compiled in here in a manner that excites me the most. I also like posts on  American Idol and How I met Your Mother.. Truly love this blog. But what I love the most are the Philippine Music Charts labeled as Chart 1.1,  Chart 1.2, Chart 1.3, and so on...

chart central philippines- Another great blog of music lists particularly MYX charts and Channel V. What I love the most however is the voter's hit list which gives people the chance to vote freely for their songs of choice.

abiding in christ - I dont know why i love this blog.. it must be the mystery behind the posts.

That would be all. I hope you guys would continue with your blogs. Thank you for the inspiration..

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